Initial Impressions – The Kitchen and The Laundry


Loads going on the last week or so at The House on Avenue B.  The home inspector has been out to give the house the once-over and the foundation folks (the same ones that did all the foundation work for Fixer Upper, so we’re rubbing elbows with the famous people) have crawled under the house and given us an evaluation.  Fortunately, neither party reported back anything surprising, or especially ugly.  Jimmy, the foundation guy, said the house is actually quite structurally sound. Whew.  Breathing a sigh of relief there, but we still need a bit of foundation work to maintain what we have, so that will be the first issue we address when we start work.

For today’s viewing pleasure, I give you the kitchen and the laundry room.  Here we are looking out the side door in the kitchen.  The door to the left leads to the dining room.  Look at the detail on that screen door! Check out the fence gate out there.  Still standing after all these years. This stuff gets me super excited!


Here’s the east wall of the kitchen.  I’d really like to have a farmhouse sink like we had in our last house, but this sink is cast iron and original so it’s staying.  The sink will eventually be moved under the window.

2 Kitchen 5


Here’s the south wall.  How old do you think those cabinets are?  ’20s? ’30s? ’40s? I bet they’re pretty solid.  Unfortunately, they’re going to get moved, so the kitchen can get a very careful update.  Cliq Studios makes a cabinet that will fit in seamlessly with the age of the house.  I’ll reuse these cabinets elsewhere in the house.  The range will go where the sink is now.  The new cabinets will wrap from under the window around to under the going-away pass-thru and end at the fridge!


The west wall is where the refrigerator will be.  That pass-thru window will be closed off.


This doorway on the west wall leads into a room that sits in the middle of the house, serving as a sort of hub between the other rooms.


And here is the laundry room in all its glory.  I am super excited that those screens and the old fence gate that goes at the front of the house are still around!  The screen matches the one that we could see out the kitchen door.  One day, I’ll have the old gates restored and put them back in place.  I’ve got an ever growing list of these little projects that are going to make this restoration fantastic!

1 Laundry Area 2


In the meantime, I’d like to spend some time gawking at that gorgeous door.  It’s fancier than the front door which makes me wonder if they’d been swapped at some point. I just noticed the woodwork around the door to the dining room doesn’t match the rest of the house.  I wonder what the story is there.


And look at the detail on that door knob.  I can’t wait to get these babies cleaned up.






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