10 Things I’m Thankful For

Gratitude will change your attitude.  That’s right.  When you’re feeling down or frustrated or  pick some other negative state of mind, start thinking about things you’re grateful for and your mood will lift.  When I first started doing this, I made it a point to focus on very basic things in my life I tend to take for granted.

  1. Health.  I am strong and healthy.  Period.  Thank you, God!
  2. My Husband.  He loves me.  He’s kind.  He’s generous.  He’s soft-hearted.  He’s dependable.  He knows how to use all the power tools.  He builds whatever I dream up.  He fixes everything that breaks.  He does hard things.  He’s a certified bad ass and deadly handsome.  He’s mine.
  3. Family & Friends.  No matter what happens in life, I know I have folks who will take me in.
  4. Food.  I know where my next meal is coming from from now until next week and after that I’ll go to the grocery store to ensure I don’t break the cycle.  I am blessed to have a steady source of clean, nutritious food.
  5. Shelter.  I have a safe, clean, temper-controlled environment to call home.
  6. Clothing.  I have clean clothes, free of rips or tears, enough to get by for a couple of weeks before I have to wash them.  Which leads to the next thing….
  7. Appliances.  I have all the appliances I want to make my life easier; to wash and dry my clothes, to wash my dishes, to heat or cool the air, to keep my perishable food cold or frozen, to cook my food, to dry my hair.  My day-to-day life doesn’t require much labor.
  8. Income.  We have a steady source of income.  Continuing to be able to meet our basic needs is not a problem.
  9. Transportation.  We have a reliable means of getting from Point A to Point B.
  10. Faith.  I have faith that Jesus died on the cross to give me eternal life.  Someone reading this right this minute may say, “oh, hog wash!”  My response I stole from the movie “The Case for Christ.”  “If it turns out Christianity isn’t real, no big deal.  If it turns out it is, then it’s the most important thing in the universe.”  It gives me great joy to have a relationship with God.  Joy is not the same as happiness.  Joy is an attitude that is not contingent upon circumstances.

When I think on the riches I have, I am reminded how very blessed I am and that sure is uplifting!  My circumstances could change in the blink of an eye, so I count my blessings.  Thank you, God, for giving me the life I have.

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