Final Initial Impressions and Getting Reagan the House Pup

It’s official.  As of June 6th, the house is all ours.  I thought I’d be super excited about it, but really the occasion was rather anticlimactic.  I won’t get to see the house in person until June 27th.  I will definitely be excited when I finally get the keys in my hand and am able to see the house for myself.

In the meantime, I’ve been scheduling the trades, finalizing the kitchen cabinet plan and training a new puppy…because when you’re about to start a major restoration project you want to bring in a new puppy just to keep it interesting.    Meet Reagan of The House on Avenue B!  She’s a West Highland White Terrier currently resting up before all the work begins.

Let’s get on with the long over due house tour.

As we leave the kitchen, we step into a room I can’t quite figure out as far as it’s original purpose. This room sits in the middle of the house.  Two closets have been built into this room.  Nothing much exciting to speak of in here, except a brick column that is hidden in the closet that shares a common wall with the living room.  The column is not structural so I’m thinking this was where the fireplace was originally.

Here we are in the bedroom-now-hallway facing north into the living room.  Look at that bead board!  I’m hoping that is what is under all the drywall.

Facing west, the brick column is in the closet on the right.

The brick column is behind that bead board.

Here’s the inside of the closet on the left.  I’m sure the previous occupants enjoyed the much needed closet space.

Looking south from the room with the two closets, the door on the left wall leads into the bathroom with the claw foot tub.  This wall needs to be rebuilt as there is some rot under the windows causing them to lean toward the glass door.

Given the passthrough window from the kitchen, I suppose this room had been used as a dining room.  We’ll close off the passthrough when we redo the kitchen.

So, here we are facing east back toward the kitchen and bathroom.

Facing north again looking into the hallway and the living room beyond.

And here’s the bathroom.  Yay for the clawfoot tub!

Lots and lots of work ahead.

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